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    Docfoxx Aplication

    Post by Docfoxx on Sat Jan 14, 2017 3:02 pm

    What's your in-game name?: Docfoxx
    How old are you?:19
    What's your name?:Gary
    Post your USGN name: PLayergls
    What were your past clans?: [BoW]
    Why do you want to join Twisted Golden Veins?:It,s been awhile since iv,e been part of a Competitive clan and will very mutch like too get back into it
    Why we should take you a part of the team?:Im a very loyal player and optimistic player,always wanting too learn and improve my skill, ill stick with you guys as long as you stay serious and competitive.
    Could you tell us some facts about you?:Im from the United States. Going too school. And i work as a small motor Mechanic

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